Dear Marcy and Craig,

13 Years ago we purchased 2 male German Shepherds from you.  First, Otto, then six months later we got his half brother, Fritz.  I was 53 years old and never had a dog of my own.  My mother, who had 14 children, and my ex-wife did not like dogs.  Otto and Fritz enhanced my life.  We would walk the beach in Michigan and take 4-5 mile hikes on our farm.  They kept me in shape.  If I walked 5 miles, they ran 10-12.  They both had great lives, swimming in Lake Michigan, chasing deer on the farm, never caged, never tied up, had a dog door to roam our 1 acre fenced yard, slept in our bedroom.

We had to put Otto down last year due to hip and leg problems.  Fritz had a heart attack last week.  It was like losing a brother or sister. We still have an 11 year old rescue German Shepherd and a 3-1/2 year old rescue yellow lab.  While we love these two guys, they do not compare to the intelligence, drive, and willingness to please and obey that Otto and Fritz had.  An example:  at twelve weeks old, Otto too exactly one day to crate train and housebreak.  Fritz took about a week to crate train but he was only 8 or 9 weeks when we got him.

When our 11 year old Shepherd goes, we hope you let us have 2 males from the same litter.  Hopefully they will be from the same bloodline as my friends, Fritz and Otto.



George Cibula