Landschaft  AKC registered German Shepherds

Welcome to our dogs’ page. Here at Landschaft you will find AKC registered German Shepherds.

We have included pedigrees and pictures of the dogs that are part of our breeding program.

Not all of the German Shepherds on our page are in residence with us. Some are owned by friends who have been kind enough to let us use them in our breeding program.



Our Breeding Program

Landschaft has a passion for the working line German Shepherd Dog breed.   We feel strongly that quality dogs are an integral part of a successful breeding program.

German shepherds that are bred for work. In dog sports such as Schutzhund.  Herding, Agility, Obedience.  Tracking, and Search and Rescue. Are bred to be sound.  Intelligent.  Confident and possess a good work ethic and willingness to please. Their temperament is impeccable.

A breeder whose interest lies in working dog sports.  Will know the temperaments and abilities of his/her dogs intimately. This breeder will be very good at placing the right puppy with the right owner.  And will know not to recommend a puppy or dog that will be too much for a novice to handle.

All Landschaft dogs are AKC registered German Shepherds.Our dogs have rock solid nerves and tremendous working abilities. We substantiate breed worthiness by temperament and health testing.  Understandably, our breeding program consists of some of the most sought after European working German Shepherd bloodlines with multiple Bundessieger & WUSV participants in our pedigrees.

We are proud to have had dogs such as: Jmm v Fichtenschlag, Queck vd Kroteek, Omo Geiersnest, Kayos von Karthago, Jabina Fjolle, Jabina Bertram, Endo vom Salztalblick, Jonny vom Erlenbusch, Jabina Milan, and Quax Michelskirchlein among others standing at stud here at Landschaft.

German Titles and Ratings, and Their Meanings

AD- Ausdauerprefung The AD is not a training degree. It is for show and breed requirements and is an endurance test which included a 12 mile run with two breaks and a simple obedience test

BH- Begleithunde This awarded title is pass or fail and has no bearing on the invididual regulations of the various breedorganizations regarding standards,etc. This is the German Companion Dog test and is the prerequisite for a SchH1

FH- Fahrtenhund This is the Advanced Tracking Dog title and a dog must have passed at least a SchH1 or a B in order to participate.

HGH- Herdengebrauchshund Herding Dog Title

KKL1- koer-klasse one Breed survey rating—rated “especially recommended for breeding”

KKL2- koer-klasse two Breed Survey rating—rated “suitable for breeding”

SchH1,2,3- Schutzhund titles consisting of Tracking Obedience and Protection with a possible score of 100 points available in each phase.

A minimum of 70 points in tracking, 70 points in Obedience, and 70 points in Protection are required to pass. A protection score of 80 is required to advance to the next level title.

SchH A- Schutzhund test composed of only the Obedience and Protection Phases of a SchH1 exam.

IPO1,2,3- Schutzhund according to International rules.

PH- Polizeischutzhundprufung Police Protection Dog

G- gut Conformation show or working rating of “Good”

SG- ser gut Conformation show or working rating of “Very Good”

V- vorzuglich Conformation show or working rating of “Excellent”

VA- Vorzuglich-Auslese Conformation show rating of “Excellent Select”-the highest show rating obtainable.