Landschaft German Shepherds

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Landschaft German Shepherds

Is deeply committed to the working line German Shepherd Dog.  Landschaft German Shepherds represents the “bigger picture”

Total dedication to principals, ethics, high standards, integrity, and care.  Support down to the smallest detail.

We are here as a resource for you throughout your dog’s life. Whether to speak about nutrition, care, training, or general aspects of the breed. Landschaft German Shepherds is happy to speak with you.  We will answer any questions you may have about German Shepherds!

Landschaft German Shepherds

Are not your average German Shepherd Dogs.  They are the epitome of what a German Shepherd Dog should be.  Landschaft German Shepherds set the bar for all others.

We are located just outside of Chicago Illinois. Landschaft working line German Shepherds.  Breeding and importing for over 25 years.

All Landschaft German Shepherd dogs.  Are health and temperament tested and AKC registered

Landschaft German Shepherds

Are intelligent and easily trained.  Landschaft German Shepherds are highly sought after for competition dog sports.


Schutzhund, IPO, Rally, AKC obedience, Herding, Flyball. Agility
Police K9, All forms of Search and Rescue, Disability Aid, High Profile Home Security, Superior family companions.

Landschaft German Shepherds

Are loyal and trustworthy companions.  Our German Shepherd Dogs have stable, outgoing temperaments. Landschaft German Shepherds: Mentally sound, intelligent dogs. Attentive, attentive, self confident, and highly trainable.

There are almost no limitations to what you can accomplish with your Landschaft German Shepherd Dog.

Our working line German Shepherd Dogs are in high demand.  It is recommended that you reserve your puppy early.



We prefer to be contacted by telephone and welcome your calls between the hours of 10:00am and 8:00pm CST.